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Jaipur Climate or weather in Jaipur today

The climate and weather in Jaipur today in India remains variable according to latitude, altitude and season.

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As we return to Rajasthan, the climate here remains variable due to the topography.

Rajasthan is found in the northwestern part of Bharat and is therefore extra prone to completely different climatic changes.

while the western part of Rajasthan is dry and unfertilised, the southwestern part is steep and wet.
Jaipur has a hot semi-arid climate. The prevailing local weather in Jaipur is recognized as a nearby steppe climate. During the 12 months there is little rain. The general annual temperature in Jaipur is 25.1 °C. In a year, the usual rainfall is 650 mm. In Jaipur 35°c to 45°c smmer extends from April to June, 10°c to 27°c Winter runs from December to March, Mansoon is in July to September ranging from 35°c to 40°c and 35° c to 40°c post mansoon runs from October to November.

The Jaipur is located at 442m above the water level. The prevailing climate in Jaipur is understood as a steppe climate in the area. During the year there is little rain. consistent with Köppen and Geiger, this climate is rated as BSh. the typical annual temperature in Jaipur is 25.1 °C | 77.2°F. 601 mm | . falls in a year 23.7 inches.

Jaipur Climate Chart or Weather in Jaipur Today Chart by Month

The driest month is April in Jaipur. there are 3 mm | 0.1 inch of precipitation in April Jaipur Rajasthan. The most precipitation falls here in August, on average 209 mm | 8.2 inches.

Average weather in Jaipur per month

Avg. Temperature (°C) Avg. Temperature (°F) Precipitation / Precipitation (mm)
January 15.5 59.9 9
February 18 64.4 8
March 23.5 74.3 7
April 29 84.2 3
Be able to 33 91.4 15
June- 33.1 91.6 52
July 29.9 85.8 196
August 28.1 82.6 209
September 28.2 82.8 82
October 26.1 79.0 12
November 20.5 68.9 3
December 16.5 61.7 5
January February March April Be able to June- July August September October November December
Avg. Temperature (°C) 15.5 18 23.5 29 33 33.1 29.9 28.1 28.2 26.1 20.5 16.5
min. Temperature (°C) 8.1 10.5 15.5 21 25.5 27.1 25.5 24.3 22.8 18.2 12 8.8
Maximum Temperature (°C) 23 25.5 31.5 37 40.5 39.2 34.3 32 33.6 34 29.1 24.3
Avg. Temperature (°F) 59.9 64.4 74.3 84.2 91.4 91.6 85.8 82.6 82.8 79.0 68.9 61.7
min. Temperature (°F) 46.6 50.9 59.9 69.8 77.9 80.8 77.9 75.7 73.0 64.8 53.6 47.8
Maximum Temperature (°F) 73.4 77.9 88.7 98.6 104.9 102.6 93.7 89.6 92.5 93.2 84.4 75.7
Precipitation / Precipitation (mm) 9 8 7 3 15 52 196 209 82 12 3 5

Summer season

The hottest of all seasons, summer extends in Jaipur from April to the Gregorian calendar month. during the summers, the temperature in Jaipur is incredibly high, ranging anywhere from thirty-two degrees Celsius to forty-six degrees Celsius. The place has an average temperature of thirty-eight degrees. the only place in the state that has a lower temperature this season is Mount Abu. During the day, hot winds blow from the west and these winds are known as ‘Loo’.

Winter season Jaipur

People enjoy the winter season in Jaipur from December to March. during this season light winds blow from the north and northeast. The temperature ranges from four degrees Celsius to twenty-eight degrees Celsius. In areas like Jaipur, Mt Abu and Churu, the temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius.

Jaipur Monsoon

The monsoon season in Jaipur runs from July to September during this season, the temperature drops but the place where the humidity rises. The temperature varies from thirty-five degrees Celsius to forty degrees Celsius. About 90th of the rain falls during this period.

Jaipur Post Monsoon

The Jaipur Post monsoon season lasts from October to November. The temperature during this season ranges from thirty-three degrees to thirty-eight degrees Celsius.

List of average rainfall in Jaipur by month

  1. Average rainfall in January: 7 mm.
  2. Average rainfall in February: 10.6 mm.
  3. Average rainfall in March: 3.1 mm.
  4. Average rainfall in April: 4.9 mm.
  5. Average rainfall in May: 17.9 mm.
  6. Average rainfall in June: 63.4 mm.
  7. Average rainfall in July: 223.3 mm.
  8. Average rainfall in August: 205.9 mm.
  9. Average rainfall in September: 66.3 mm.
  10. Average rainfall in October: 25 mm.
  11. Average rainfall in November: 3.9 mm.
  12. Average rainfall in December: 4.2 mm.

List of Average Daylight or Average Sunshine Jaipur, India

Average Daylight in Jaipur, India

  1. Average daylight in January: 10.7 hours
  2. Average daylight in February: 11.3 hours
  3. Average daylight in March: 12h
  4. Average daylight in April: 12.8 hours
  5. Average daylight in May: 13.5h
  6. Average daylight in June: 13.8h
  7. Average daylight in July: 13.6h
  8. Average daylight in August: 13.1 hours
  9. Average daylight in September: 12.3h
  10. Average daylight in October: 11.5 hours
  11. Average daylight in November: 10.8 hours
  12. Average daylight in December: 10.5h

Average sun in Jaipur, India

  1. Average sunshine in January: 8am
  2. Average sunshine in February: 9am
  3. Average sunshine in March: 8h
  4. Average sunshine in April: 9am
  5. Average sunshine in May: 9am
  6. Average sunshine in June: 7am
  7. Average sunshine in July: 5h
  8. Average sunshine in August: 5h
  9. Average sunshine in September: 8h
  10. Average sunshine in October: 9h
  11. Average sunshine in November: 9am
  12. Average sunshine in December: 8h

Graph of average monthly rainfall in Jaipur over the year

Most precipitation is received from the southwest monsoon within the amount of July to Gregorian calendar month. the usual variety of rainy days usually ranges from half a dozen to forty-two, depending on the status of the empire. the usual annual precipitation ranges between 200-400 millimeters and is as low as one hundred and fifty millimeters in extremely arid zones. in the southern Japanese part of Rajasthan, the precipitation is as high as 1000 mm. There are some elements in western Rajasthan that receive little rainfall on average; it is only a hundred millimeters per year. The Aravalli variety receives a lot of precipitation and cold all year round.

Best visiting time to visit in Jaipur

If you want to make the most of your trip to Jaipur, it is best to go to Jaipur between the Gregorian calendar month and March. this is often due to the fact that the weather remains terribly pleasant during this period. it’s not too hot and not too cold.

Monthly weather in Jaipur

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 11 22
February 14 27
March 19 32
April 26 39
Be able to 29 41
June- 28 39
July 27 34
August 25 31
September 25 34
October 23 34
November 16 30
December 13 26

FAQs about the weather in Jaipur

Question 1. What is the coldest month in Jaipur?

ans. The month of January is the coldest month in Jaipur, with an average high temperature of 22.4°C (72.3°F) and an average low temperature of 8.4°C (47.1°F).

Question2. There are many days with rain in Jaipur.

ans. Throughout the year, in Jaipur, Rajasthan India, there are 35.1 days of rainfall in Jaipur, and there is 635.5 mm (25″) of precipitation.

Question3. Which month is the driest in Jaipur?

ans. The month with the least amount of precipitation in Jaipur, India, is the month of March when the rain falls for 0.4 days and there is usually 3.1 mm (0.1″) of precipitation.

Question4. What is the warmest month in Jaipur?

ans. With an average high temperature of 40.3 °C (104.5 °F) and an average low temperature of 25.9 °C (78.6 °F), May is the hottest month.

Question5. What is the wettest month in Jaipur?

ans. The month with the most rainfall is the month of July in Jaipur, when the rainfall falls during 11.2 days and usually up to 223.3 mm (8.8″) of precipitation.

Question6. What is the best time of year to visit Jaipur in India?

ans. Jaipur, Rajasthan in India, has a hot semi-arid climate. In the months of July and August you have the most rain (rainy season). From April it becomes extremely popular in Jaipur with average temperatures above 37 degrees Celsius (98° Fahrenheit). We recommend to visit Jaipur from November to March.

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