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Originating in China, Chinese food is associated with an integral part of the country’s culture. As can be seen from the name, this cuisine has its roots and origins in China. There are different types of Chinese cuisines, especially Anhui, Cantonese, Shandong, Sichuan, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. betting on the ambiance on offer, there are Chinese intake joints that foot the bill for brunch with friends or for a relaxed, casual dinner with the family.

There are several Chinese food restaurants in Jaipur that serve Chinese food and there are some that belong to a celebrated chain of restaurants. while there are eateries that focus on serving only Chinese delicacies, there are eateries that additionally serve alternative Asian cuisines such as Thai, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian. There are eateries that serve this fast food format fare. Scroll up to find a full list of Chinese restaurants in Jaipur where you just plan to.

All listed Chinese Food Corner

Xing Restobar

If you’re on a budget, Xing is a great option to indulge your taste buds. They serve you high quality Chinese food. Restobar has features such as a well stocked bar, good atmosphere, friendly staff and fantastic service. All these things definitely make it the best place.

Golden Dragon House

This is located in a five star, Country Inn & Suites. The restaurant is one of the oldest authentic Chinese restaurants where the most delicious Chinese dishes are prepared. People are crazy about the Fish Schezwan Pepper Shiraz, the Chicken Kothe, The Prawn Sui-Mai, the fish & chicken dim sum and Chinese Balls.

Mainland China

Mainland China attracts Chinese foodies from all over the city and is arguably the best but a bit expensive. The menu is very extensive with lots to choose from. Each dish is expertly prepared with all its authenticity. Fried Prawn Wontons, Crispy Lettuce Wraps and Chocolate Spring Rolls are simply unparalleled.

Marky Momos

This place has earned its name for its Honey Chilli Potatoes. Marky Momos is quite a little surprise package when it comes to trying different. We personally loved Hot n Sour Chicken Soup or Marky momos and this is the ultimate place to enjoy Chinese food at a pocket friendly price.

Hey! China

Hey! China is one of the famous and favorite Chinese restaurants in Jaipur. People can enjoy dishes like Chicken Sui Mai, Honey Chili Potato, Tai Chi Chicken & Chili Hoisin fish. All these dishes can conquer your heart. Food will make it dignified.


Niros is one of the best Chinese restaurants known to attract foodies. This place has a good balance between authenticity and Indian style with a wide variety of Chinese creations. Also this place must be recommended by us.

Ho Chi Minho

Ho-chi-Minh is a sober hub where you can enjoy delicious Indian-Chinese food with authentic sauces & spices. This place is quite affordable while you can enjoy Chicken Triple Fried Rice that will leave you wanting more.

copper chimney

After visiting Jaipur, Copper Chimney is the best place to try some better dishes. This place serves a variety of cuisines where you can enjoy Chicken Lollipops. This is the most famous dish on the Chinese menu to die for.

hot peppers

Hot peppers are one of the standout spots in Jaipur that does full justice to Chinese food. You can enjoy all kinds of Chinese dishes as the most sought after dish is the Vegetable Manchow soup. It tastes good and the most worthy thing to try is Hot Chillies.

Chinese corner

Chinese Corner is a good alternative. If you’re craving some delicious, authentic Chinese food. Veg Hakka Noodles is the most wanted dish of this place where you get all kinds of dishes in Jaipur.

Things cooked near Chinese restaurants in Jaipur are truly Chinese!

The spicy, sour and gravy-based Chinese food is an absolute favorite go-out-to-eat cuisine of many. The Chinese dishes associate with eccentric names like Hakka noodles, vegetable Manchurian and American Chop Suey. It is the fatty and spicy factors that make these delicacies so utterly satisfying. to remember, none of those dishes are authentically Chinese; rather tuned to Indian tastes. The Chinese restaurants near you in Jaipur are legendary for making dishes with generous amounts of Chinese ingredients such as spices and vinegar to produce them with the Chinese identity and they add garlic, ginger and pepper to fulfill the native taste. strive for their unequivocally amplified flavors by immediately reserving a table.

What distinguishes Chinese restaurants in Jaipur from various specialty restaurants in Jaipur?

Chinese restaurants in Jaipur have certainly had special features. the following can help you to perceive them.

Eastern food is predominantly red

Most dishes are red in color, although there are some exceptions. this can be a qualifying feature of Chinese cuisine. using soy sauce and cold sauce gives the food their red or light brown appearance. Even this redness will be detected in their paints and display boards.

Visibility of the cooking pan

The cooking process is usually visible to the buyers. Most of the Chinese restaurants that serve the Chinese menu to their customers, especially among the lower middle class, are sometimes seen as a semi-open room. the use of the cooking pan, also because the movement, mixing, smoking and alternative activities of the cooks are visible.

Typical ingredients and foods in Chinese food

The basic ingredients in any of the Mandarin restaurants are rice and noodles. Generous amounts of onion, half-cooked chicken, coriander leaves, onion, bush and eggs are used in the preparation of Chinese recipes. Also, one or two prepared spice blends such as Schezwan sauce will complement those recipes that give some individual flavor.

Utensils and cutlery

In most typical Chinese restaurants the food is served on flat round plates. Spoon and fork are used to eat food. chili sauce, soy sauce and vinegar are sometimes seen unbroken in small bottles on the tables. However, some of the fine dining Chinese eateries even have an Associate in Nursing option for chopsticks for choosing and ingesting food.


Quirky Chinese scriptures, pictures of dragons, pictures of cooking pots, Chinese lanterns, pictures of the Chinese temple structures, Buddha statues, pictures of bowls and chopsticks, names in a special English font and pictures of a fat Chinese chef are some of the elements that determine the atmosphere at the multiple Chinese restaurants in this city. These symbols are a way of conveying the type of food served by the place.

What is the estimated value of a meal for 2 people at the Chinese food restaurants in Jaipur?

The cost varies from one eatery to another depending on the type of Chinese eatery. you have places that won’t pinch your wallet and furthermore restaurants that completely match the wallets of those who care much more about food than value. An estimated value is mentioned below.

Approximate food price in Chinese restaurants in Jaipur

Kind of Chinese restaurant Estimated cost
Expensive Chinese Restaurants €2,000 to Rs. 3,000
Mid-priced Chinese restaurants €1,000 to Rs. 2,000
Modestly priced Chinese restaurants €500 to Rs. 1,000
Budget-Friendly Chinese Restaurants Below Rs. 500

Note: The costs stated in the the table above is completely indicative.

Restaurants serving Chinese food in Jaipur are the most popular among the people. whether you’re looking for a Chinese takeaway or an eatery, you’ve got everything right at your fingertips. A family get along well, catch up or have a business conversation, these Chinese eateries convince to be a perfect place for everything. realize the most effective Chinese restaurants near you on JapurChalo.

Chinese food menu with about price?

chinese food name Estimated price:
chili chicken 150Rs – 300Rs
Chicken Manchuria 200Rs – 280Rs
Chow Mein 70Rs – 150Rs
Manchow soup 100Rs – 150Rs
Spring rolls 20Rs – 70Rs
Schezuan Kip 220Rs – 290Rs
Baked rice 100Rs – 200Rs
Hakka noodles 80Rs – 150Rs
momos 80Rs – 200Rs
Chicken Lollipop 120Rs – 200Rs

Get some most popular Chinese dishes with their approximate price available in Jaipur.

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