I’m through the milk market of Jaipurcalled Doodh Mandic (Doodh=milk, Mandi=bazaar/market) almost every weekend for the past few months, without thinking about it. On a nice day I decided to explore this market which is in the walled city area on Amer Road. It is a morning market in Jaipur to explore. The market was buzzing with people – milk sellers, cops, etc. Most of the men were dressed in traditional clothes – white dhoti and kurta, meaning they were from the upper country of Jaipur.

Scene from the milk market in Jaipur. Milk containers
milk market in Jaipur
Jaipur . Milk Market

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doodh mandi
All ready for customers. Milk Market in Jaipur

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Milk sellers are all set to go back home. Bee Doodh Mandi Jaipur

This market comes alive at 6am with milk vendors congregating here. Most sellers get milk from their own villages or from nearby villages. They usually load large milk cans onto local buses or jeeps to take them to market.

milk suppliers-jaipur-market streets

Many of them prefer to carry these milk jugs on their bicycles and ride all the way to such markets from their respective villages.

Milk cans marked by owner for easy identification. A Milk Market in Jaipur

Agents also gather here in large numbers, because for some milk sellers who only have a small amount of milk to sell, it makes little economic sense for them to visit such markets. That is why agents are an indispensable link because they collect milk from milk sellers in the villages. With sufficient quantities to sell, they supply milk to the buyers in the city.

Milk sellers in Jaipur Milk Market

This market is mainly aimed at large consumers of milk such as restaurant owners, sweet –mithai retailers, caterers, etc.

milk sellers
Milk Vendors in Jaipur . Milk Market

Market activities continue until noon, after which the milk sellers return to their villages. Most come from the villages within a radius of 100 km. Many tourists visit this unique market in Jaipur; it is an interesting place to visit and discover the local culture and people. There are many other locations where milk vendors congregate in Jaipur.

doodh mandi jaipur milk seller
Milk seller in Doodh Mandic

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Doodh Mandi Jaipur Milk Market