I am sharing pictures of Achrol Fort and Achrol Palace which is 25 km away from Jaipur on Jaipur-Delhi highway. The fortress belongs to the Achrol Thikan family, which is an extended family of kachhawa rulers of Jaipur.

Achrol Fort -from a distance!

No records regarding the history of this fortress are available, except that Achrol Thikan dates from 1550 AD.

achrol fort

achrol near Jaipur
small water reservoir intended to collect water from nearby hills at the foot of Achrol Fort
Road to Achrol Fortress

achrol village rajasthan

Villagers worship at the entrance of Achrol Fort
inside achrol fort rajasthan
Deterioration everywhere.
inner defense line
ruins from Achrol Fort Jaipur
Fort Achrol – lack of attention & repair, visible everywhere!

save -heritage-achrol-fort

Bad recovery! Bricks look out of place in these pillars. Heritage on the brink of being lost?


It seems that some efforts have been made for the restoration of Fort Achrol, but these efforts are mediocre and not in accordance with the procedures used by heritage restoration experts.

Inside Achrol Fort
Inside the Achrol Fort – Overgrown grass, damaged structures and walls convey a sad story!
achrol -fort-near-jaipur
Achrol Fort, seen from the road level.

Achrol Palace is an old haveli located close to a path leading to the Achrol Fort, in the village of Achrol. Tucked away from Jaipur-Delhi highway, the ancient Achrol village with few ancient Havelis is quite small. Areas adjacent to the Jaipur-Delhi highway have grown considerably after the widening and development of NH-8 over the years, but the old part still has its own charm!

The fortress was of military and strategic importance, while the palace of haveli was used as a residential area. The front gate of this palace was closed. “court residence”…Someone had painted on the adjacent walls to indicate ownership was disputed.

achrol house palace in achrol jaipur
Achrol haveli
palace on achrol near jaipur
Note the beautiful finish on the chhatri facade!
Another angle shot of the beautiful Chhatri at Achrol haveli
Frescoes and paintings in a room, now in ruins. Achrol Havelic

As for the history of Achrol Fort, Achrol fort appeared to have been built as a strategic fort on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway and must have served as an outpost. The fortress has no living quarters. Both the Achrol haveli and the Achrol fort are in poor condition. Without urgent attention and restoration they are gone forever! Loss of heritage? Definitely YES! Please note that when we visited Achrol Fort there were signs that this fort is being used by anti-social elements.

A few individual trekking operators have started taking people from Jaipur around Achrol Fort for trekking and hiking expeditions and also rappelling. It is a pity that the fortress and its heritage cause further damage as it is in a dilapidated state. This fortress is also unsafe for abseiling. The local authorities must act quickly and ensure that no lives are endangered by these activities. These fortresses are our heritage and not trekking or hiking spots. I will not recommend people to use Achrol fort as a walking and trekking place near Jaipur.

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