Amber Light and Sound Show Jaipur:

Amer Light and Sound Show is a spectacle of great visual pleasure with a breathtaking son-et-lumière. This fort was once home to 28 kings of the Kachwaha dynasty before moving to Jaipur. The sound and light show is a glorious attempt to revive pride, history and traditions.

Through the light show, they have tried to highlight the local legends and folklore and celebrate the masters of folk music. They have also tried to give Rajasthan its unique identity. Amer Light and Sound Show is situated in a spectacular location, with a magnificent view. You will enjoy the view of the soaring Jaigarh on the left and the beautiful hills beyond.

This well organized evening and light show is an alluring attraction of Amber Fort Jaipur. It is a great effort to revive the pride, history and traditions of the fort.

The show reveals local legends, folklore and celebrates folk music masters, giving Rajasthan its own identity to date.

The show is presented in a spectacular location where you can enjoy spectacular views of Amber Fort in the front, Jaigad Fort on the left and beautiful hills behind.
During this 52-minute show, colorful lights illuminate the structure and beautifully reflect on Lake Mata, a reflection of the mythical past of the Amber Fort, which dates back 600 years! Made exciting by the harmonious blend of folk music and legends of Rajput kings.
The charming description tells you about Amber’s memory lane through its traditions and the grand lifestyle of the royal family. The story of the fort’s glorious past is written by Gulzar and written by Amitabh Bachchan, the most distinctive voice in Indian cinema.

Amer Fort Light and Sound Show Jaipur Times:

Month English (Show) Hindi (Show)
October to February 6:30 PM (English) 7:30 PM (Hindi)
March to April 19:00 (English) 8:00 PM (Hindi)
May to September 7:30 PM (English) 8:30 PM (Hindi)

Amer fort Light and Sound Show Jaipur price:

  1. The entrance fee of the Amer Fort for an Indian is INR 25 per person.
  2. The entrance fee to the Amer Fort for an Indian student is INR 10 per person.
  3. The entrance fee of foreigners is INR 200 per person.
  4. While the registration fee for a foreign student is INR 100 per person.
  5. A special show is also held at the fort, the Amber Fort light and sound show.
  6. The entrance fee for this is INR 200 per person for the English show while INR 100 per person is applicable for the Hindi Show.

Amer fort Light and Sound Show Jaipur Review:

The light and sound show is a beautiful show that combines the power of illuminating the Amber Fort and the story of its past with a powerful voice.

This light show is hosted in an open-air rooftop arrangement that is located in front of the fortress and next to a lake. All the setting and ambiance of the light show is amazing. You will surely enjoy the show and learn about the rich heritage of Jaipur.

Must Read Before Going Amer fort Light and Sound Show Jaipur:

  1. The show will be held at the foot of Ambar Fort, on Mota Lake, in Saffron Kyari.
  2. Each is advised at least 25 minutes before the show starts.
  3. There is water on three sides to sit on. Since it is cold in winter, it is recommended that you dress accordingly.
  4. Photo, video or audio recordings of the show are prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions about Light and Sound Show Jaipur

Q1. Do you need to book Light and Sound Show Jaipur – Amber Fort Ticket in advance?

You can book a ticket on the spot and you can also book tickets online through various websites. For that you have to go to the booking page, then you can fill in all the details here and choose the package you want to go for. You get all your booking details on the mobile phone and enjoy your ride.

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